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100 Awesome iPhone Apps for Healthy Moms and Dads


October 27, 2009

As a pediatrics nurse, you’re probably bombarded with questions from nervous moms and dads about symptoms, health news alerts, nutrition, vaccines and more. To help ease the burden off of you just a little, we’re turning these iPhone apps on to health-obsessed parents so that they can monitor symptoms, illnesses, weight, food intake, pregnancies and more, all from their phone.

Health News

Keep up with swine flu, FDA recalls, and more health news with these apps.

  1. iHealth News: Get health news headlines and bookmarking support offline.
  2. FDA Recalls: Get the latest on FDA recalls that you can also share with your spouse and friends.
  3. Parenting News Reader: This app will help you keep up with parenting news and health information.
  4. Swine Flu Tracker Map: This app tracks the most recent swine flu outbreaks near you.
  5. CDC News Reader: Get all the news from the CDC here.
  6. Health and Fitness News: You’ll be able to read health and news stories from a variety of sources here.
  7. Influenza A (H1N1): Get updated information about H1N1.
  8. FDA Mobile News: Get government health news from the NIH, National Cancer Institute, Department of Health and Human Services, FDA, CDC and more.
  9. Autism News Reader: If your child has autism, get this app to stay on top of news, studies and debates.
  10. Diabetes Health News Reader: Keep up with diabetes news, care and studies with this reader.


Whether you yourself are on a diet or you’d just like to teach your kids about healthier food options, use these apps to keep it all straight.

  1. Weight Watchers Mobile: Keep track of points and workouts according to the Weight Watchers plan using this app.
  2. Your Ideal Weight: Calculate the ideal weight for everyone in your family using this app.
  3. Lose It!: Set diet goals for yourself and track calories, exercise, food budget and meals.
  4. DailyBurn: Log in your current weight, goal weight and calories burned and eaten here.
  5. Food and Fitness Tracker: This app can calculate how many calories you’ve eaten and burned in a day.
  6. Tap and Track: Calorie, Weight and Exercise Calculator: Track BMI, weight loss, consumed calories, remaining daily calories, fat intake, and food score.
  7. Munchie Monkey Picky Eater: Help picky eaters become healthier eaters with this app.
  8. iReveal Food: This food game teaches kids spelling and about different foods.
  9. My Family Food: Save up to 20 food profiles here.
  10. Edibles – Diet Journal: With this diet journal, you can store food information, calorie information, exercise history, and more.


Inspire your family to become more fit with these apps that log biking trips, teach yoga, and turn the playground into a gym.

  1. iFitness: This exercise database features instructions and clear images to show you how to lift weights and more.
  2. Virtual Trainer: Select a muscle group to work out, and this app will show you what to do.
  3. BikePRO: Log the details of your last family bike trip, including distance, time, speed, trip diary, location and more.
  4. A+ Voice Pedometer: Get your family to walk further and more often by downloading this pedometer app.
  5. Women’s Health Workouts: Moms can browse exercises just for them and track their progress here.
  6. HundredPushUps: See if your family can make it to 100 pushups with this interactive app.
  7. Couch to 5K: Help your family train for a 5K with this app, that takes you through warm ups, jogging sets and more.
  8. FitVideo: Intro Yoga: This intro-level yoga app will help you and your kids learn together.
  9. Workout a Day: Make working out more fun and a habit you do every day with this app.
  10. Playground Pump The Workout: Turn a day at the playground into an excuse to workout yourself.

Nutrition Facts and Eating Out

Discover what your family is really eating when you use these nutrition facts apps.

  1. Restaurant Nutrition: Get nutrition facts for Chili’s, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Chick-Fil-A and others.
  2. FoodScanner: With this app, you can actually scan the barcode of any food item to get an accurate nutrition report.
  3. Nutrition Menu: Track how much cholesterol, protein, carbs, fat, sugars and sodium your kids are consuming with this journal.
  4. Fast Food Calorie Checker: This app has nutrition information for over 4,600 menu items from 27 restaurants.
  5. Safe Seafood: Get ratings and nutritional information for 100 different seafood items.
  6. Nutrition Facts: This smart nutrition facts app tells you which portions of the label you need to limit and which you need to add into your diet.
  7. Restaurant Calorie Counter: This app has nutrition information for healthier restaurants, too, like Boston Market.
  8. EatRight – Daily Food Log Checklist: Make sure you and your family are getting enough of each food group and the right portions of food.
  9. DrinkFit: Get nutrition facts for beer, liquor, cocktails and wine.
  10. Nutrition Complete: Get a complete nutrition profile for specific food, by portion size.
  11. GoodFoodNearYou: Find healthy places to take your family to eat with this app.
  12. Nutrition Tips: This app will share important nutrition tips and advice with you.
  13. Food IQ: Track your food and diet progress, keep a food diary for your family, and more.
  14. Is That Gluten Free?: Check to see if what you’re about to eat adheres to your gluten-free diet.
  15. A Low Gl Diet: If someone in your family has to stick to a low glycemic diet, use this app to find foods that are safe to eat.

Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Another way to get your family to eat healthier is to cook regular, balanced meals for them. These apps will help you manage it all.

  1. MiMeals – Meal Planner: It’s easier to eat healthier when you plan out meals for the whole week.
  2. Grocery Shopping Assistant: This list of different grocery items has check marks next to the items you need and Xs next to the ones you don’t.
  3. Vitamate: Take this app with you to the grocery store so that you can make healthier food choices.
  4. Harvest: Harvest will help you select the best produce by looking for signs of spoilage, disease and more.
  5. MealBoard: MealBoard is another meal planner that lets you list meals for each day.
  6. Whole Foods Market Recipes: This searchable database of healthy recipes lets you select ones that are high in fiber, low in fat, dairy free, etc.
  7. Grill Guide: Make healthier meals by grilling food. This app shows you how to grill 100 different foods.
  8. iFood Assistant by KRAFT: Look for budget-friendly but still healthy recipes and cooking videos here.
  9. Vegetarian Cookbook: This app shows you how to make yummy vegetarian meals.
  10. EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry: Let this app show you how to make healthy meals despite your family’s busy schedule.

Personal Medical Records

These apps store all kinds of medical information for each person in your family.

  1. Health n Family: Store medical records, doctor’s appointments and other data here.
  2. Illness Tracker: This calendar helps you track your child’s illness.
  3. Kiddy Base: With this app, you can plug in and track vaccines, "food firsts" and other medical and health milestones on the go.
  4. iEmergency ICE Family PRO: Store all of your family’s "in case of emergency" information here.
  5. Family Medical History: Save medical history, blood type, blood pressure, vaccines and more.
  6. Pillbox: With Pillbox, you can keep track of your family’s medication schedule.
  7. STAT GrowthCharts: Track growth and stats for children and teens, including height, BMI, blood pressure and more.
  8. Medicine Cabinet: Store prescription information, refill dates, dose dates and times, expiration dates and more, for everyone in your family.
  9. Parent ICE: Parents store emergency contact information, spouse’s name, children’s name, medical information and more.
  10. iMedicine: Make sure you’re stocked with enough of the right medicine for everyone in your family.

Symptoms and Treatment

Look up your child’s symptoms on your iPhone, and figure out when it’s serious enough to call the doctor.

  1. WebMD Mobile: Point out your symptoms on the interactive body map, look up treatments and get First Aid help.
  2. First Aid Children: Learn first aid practices for treating kids.
  3. SymptomMD: Browse symptoms, discover when to call a doctor and get care advice.
  4. Medscape: Look up symptoms, get medical news and check medicine interactions.
  5. Medical Encyclopedia: Made available by the University of Maryland Medical System, this app lets you look up symptoms, learn about diseases, identify injuries and more.
  6. Diagnosaurus DDx: Now parents can use the same diagnosis tool that doctors use.
  7. iTriage Health Network: Filter symptoms to pinpoint your child’s sickness with this tool.
  8. The Merck Manuals: Get evaluation and treatment options for 88 symptoms.
  9. Symptom Checker .MD: Look up symptoms and conditions, and get health information for your city.
  10. Symptom Mate: Look up and track your or your child’s symptoms with this tool.

Healthy Kids

These pediatrics-specific apps share information about child medication, monitor child growth, help with teeth brushing, and more.

  1. Pediatric SymptomMD: Look up symptoms, read medical definitions and find out when you should call a doctor for your kids’ fevers, headaches and more.
  2. a ToothBrush Timer for Kids: Teach your kids better brushing habits with this adorable app.
  3. Size Me Up – Future Height Predictor: Use this app to make sure your kids are growing up healthy and strong.
  4. Pediatric Care Online: Get news stories, access to a pediatric drug database and more.
  5. DrugGuide: Use this tool to look up dosing instructions and more for kids and adults.
  6. Pedi STAT: This tool is usually used by health professionals to check stats for children in the emergency room.
  7. Pediatric Diseases: Look up children’s diseases and infections here.
  8. The 5-Minute Pediatric Consult: This app stores 460 common ailments and complaints of children.
  9. PedLabs: Learn about pediatric lab tests.
  10. Well Check: Find out what you should be doing to keep your child or infant healthy at one month, six months, 18 months, and every month in between.

Mental Health

For a healthy family in heart and mind, check out these mental health apps.

  1. Anti-depress: Think of this app as audio Prozac.
  2. Shake and Squeeze Stress Ball: Teach your kids how to deal with stress with this rubber duckie app.
  3. iPsychologist: Track your moods and discover what kind of personality you have.
  4. Mental Health News Reader: Keep up with the latest studies and news in mental health here.
  5. PsychMeds: This app comes with mental health symptom graphs, ratings, medications and a place for notes.

Women’s Health and Family Planning

Monitor your cycles, pregnancies and nursing habits here.

  1. Free Menstrual Calendar: Moms can track their menstrual cycle with this free calendar app.
  2. Pregnancy Tracker: helps you track due date, week-by-week developments, changes to your own body, and more.
  3. iPeriod: Track your period, predict ovulation and future periods, save and track your moods and PMS symptoms, and more.
  4. iPregnancy: Log pregnancy data, progress and more.
  5. NFP Charting: If you follow NFP, use this app for mobile tracking.
  6. NineMonths – Contraction and Movement Timer: Evaluate your contractions with this app.


From alternative treatments to getting enough sleep, here are more awesome iPhone apps for moms and dads.

  1. Natural Cures: Look up alternative medicines and natural cures here.
  2. iBaby Sleep All Night: Learn how to read your baby’s sleep signals, get tips on putting your baby to bed, and discover how to set up sleep routines.
  3. My Body: Keep your stats, including BMI, required calories, measurements and more logged in this app.