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100 Best Blogs for Healthy Parents


October 15, 2009

Most parents strive to provide a healthy and happy environment in which to rear their children, but as the old saying goes, babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Luckily for parents, there are plenty of blogs with advice, tips, and support from both medical professionals and experienced parents to help parents make the right choices for their families. These blogs offer everything from nutrition and fitness for the whole family to living with teenagers to facing health challenges brought on by food allergies, disease, or other disorders.

From Health Professionals

These health care professionals offer advice and tips to help parents make healthy choices for their children.

  1. School Kids Healthcare Blog. With everything from the proper way to sneeze to a primer on Tamiflu to school nutrition, this blog includes plenty of information for parents of school-aged children.
  2. Pediatric Health Associates. This blog is from a pediatric practice and offers information on a variety of pediatric health issues.
  3. Dr. Gwenn Is In. Dr. Gwenn talks about such topics as H1N1, turning off the TV, and social media and children.
  4. Pediatrics Blog. From, Dr. Vincent Iannelli writes about health topics including flu, medication recalls, lice, and home safety.
  5. Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog. Dr. Nabong is a practicing pediatrician and mother of four boys who shares her experience on everything from typical child development milestones to sunburn prevention.
  6. Pediatric Dentistry. This pediatric dentist from Alabama shares helpful information about keeping children’s teeth and gums healthy.
  7. Dr. Thompson’s Blog. A practicing pediatrician, Dr. Charlotte Thompson writes about the state of health care as well as children and family health issues.
  8. Dr. David’s Blog. Dr. David blogs about pediatric oncology, cancer research, and cancer treatments, and breaking medical news here.
  9. Momwithastethoscope’s Weblog. A mom, a wife, and a pediatrician, this mom with a stethoscope writes about all of those roles.
  10. Momma Data: Dishing Up Child Research. This mom and former research psychologist analyzes and writes about recent child health issues that are making the news to deliver sound information and debunk myths and bad science.
  11. Kristie McNealy, MD. This real Dr. Mom blogs about family, parenting, and health issues.

Nutrition and Healthy Living

From eating naturally to making eco-friendly choices, these blogs will guide you in the right direction.

  1. Junkfood Science. This nurse writes about the science behind food, debunking myths as she goes.
  2. The Pioneer Woman Cooks!. The popular blogging Pioneer Woman devotes this blog to her delicious homemade recipes.
  3. Healthy Child Healthy World. This blog provides information to help parents learn how to improve children’s health through better nutrition.
  4. Nourishing Thoughts. A nurse and mom to two children, Maggie shares information about healthy nutrition on her blog.
  5. A Life Less Sweet. Cathy is a stay-at-home mom with a PhD in chemical engineering and shares her family’s journey following a diet without high fructose corn syrup.
  6. Kid Nutrition Blog!. Not only will you find lots of recipes, meal planners, and coupons, but there are also plenty of eco-friendly tips too.
  7. Goddess of the Garden. Vegan parents will enjoy these fun recipes for the whole family.
  8. The Good Human. This blog features everything from solar energy to all-natural deodorant.
  9. Whole Family Nutrition Blog. Nick and Julie share their family’s experiences as they try to eat healthily while leading busy lives.
  10. Nourish. Written by a Registered Dietitian and a mom, this blog features advice on fitness and nutrition for the whole family.
  11. Raising a Healthy Family. From healthy meal planning to Internet safety, these posts offer tons of advice for parents.
  12. SafetyClicks Blog. This blog features news and information to help keep your family safe on the Internet.
  13. ecomii parenting blog. Green parents will enjoy the posts here that touch on ways to keep your family healthy and eco-friendly.

All about the Mamas

These blogs offer information on women’s health, fitness, and finding peace in life.

  1. Dr. Tori Hudson, ND. This naturopathic physician blogs about important women’s health issues such as PMS, menopause, pregnancy, and more.
  2. Catherine Morgan’s Blog. Focusing on women’s health issues, this blog covers everything from mammograms to birthdays to sexuality.
  3. Fit Bottomed Girls. These two women will inspire you to better fitness with their posts that cover several aspects of getting fit.
  4. Food, Fitness, Fashion. Yoga, healthy eating, and great places to eat out healthily are some of the recent topics from this blog.
  5. Fit Sugar. This popular blog includes tons of information on food and nutrition, exercise, and even healthy celebrities.
  6. A Woman’s Guide to Saner Living. This psychotherapist and life coach offers inspiration to help you find a calmer way of living.
  7. Foodtherapy. Learn about how food and nutrition affects your body and your mind with the posts on this blog.
  8. Feed the Soul. Written by a registered dietician, this blog focuses on eating healthy food for creating a healthy body and mind.
  9. A Marathon Leap. This mom is also a runner and provides posts on both here.
  10. Fitness for Mommies. A fit mom herself, Rachel shares what works and doesn’t work for her in order to inspire other moms to get fit.

For and From the Papas

Find support for dads involved in their children’s lives, learn about male fitness, even find out about the manly art of shaving with these blogs just for the papas.

  1. Pacing the Panic Room. Ryan is a devoted husband and dad who shares the adventures of his unique family in his popular blog.
  2. Men’s Health. From Blisstree, this blog features men’s health topics such as snoring, traumatic brain injuries, and male contraception.
  3. An Ultra Runner’s Blog. This dad is also a runner and writes about staying fit and healthy.
  4. Daddy Brain. This dad shares tips and advice on being a great parent.
  5. MH Today. Read stories related to men’s health on topics such as exercise, the link between obesity and the brain, and yoga for relieving back pain.
  6. Working Out the Details. This Men’s Health blog is all about fitness and working out.
  7. A Family Runs Through It. A stay-at-home dad who homeschools, this blogger lovingly shares his family’s experiences.
  8. Perfect Shave Dispatch. This blogger is fanatical about wet shaving and offers tips, products, advice, and more on how to get the perfect shave.
  9. Balding Blog. If Dad is losing his hair, then read about hair loss and hair restoration from the doctors who blog here.
  10. Childsplayx2. This involved dad writes about family life, fathers’ image when it comes to parenting, and much more.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding

These blogs feature information for pregnant moms, preparation for childbirth, and information and support for breastfeeding.

  1. Let’s Talk Babies. Focusing on pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding, and more, this blog covers the beginning stages of parenting.
  2. a little pregnant. From infertility to parenthood, this funny blog is a wild ride.
  3. The Fun Times Guide to Pregnancy. Find plenty of tips such as getting to sleep while pregnant, ways to find baby names, and what to expect after giving birth.
  4. Day by Day Pregnancy. This blog offers tons of advice about what to expect during your pregnancy.
  5. Pregnancy & Baby. Pregnancy health issues, safe baby toys, and cute baby Halloween costumes are just a few of the recent posts from this blog.
  6. Pregnancy Blog. This blog from features tons of useful information for expectant moms.
  7. Have a Natural Childbirth. This blog provides information about natural birth, breastfeeding, and more for moms who want to go more naturally.
  8. Mama Knows Breast. Get news, information, personal stories, and encouragement for breastfeeding here.
  9. The Beautiful Letdown. This mom shares information about breastfeeding as well as parenting on her blog.
  10. Breastfeeding123. Get tips for breastfeeding and working, breastfeeding news and information, and support for breastfeeding on this blog written by a breastfeeding counselor.

Parenting Advice

Parenting can be a challenging job, so turn to these blogs to hear from other parents.

  1. Nature Mom’s Blog. This mom is promoting a healthier, more natural lifestyle for her family and shares her tips and advice here.
  2. Mothers in Medicine. These medical mamas offer tons of advice and encouragement on managing a career and family.
  3. Octopus Mom. This blogger is a mom to three with one on the way and a NICU nurse with plenty to offer on health and parenting.
  4. Center on Media and Child Health. Read this blog to see what scientific research and the latest news stories reflect about the effects of media on children and adolescents.
  5. Creative Play Plus. Find tons of helpful ideas for bringing creative play into your home, no matter what age your child.
  6. Natural Moms Talk Radio. Listen to the podcasts or read Carrie’s blog posts that discuss all aspects of parenting naturally.
  7. The Dear Dr. MOZ Baby Blog. Focusing on newborns, this blog offers news, products, health information and more all for parents of babies.
  8. The Green Baby Guide. From not overspending on baby gear to DIY costumes for kids, this blog offers parenting advice and tips with a tint of green.
  9. dooce. This ultra-popular and sometimes controversial blog tells it like it is when it comes to parenting.
  10. Free-Range Kids. This mom believes in letting kids have a bit of freedom without needing a suit of armour when they leave the house. Find out more about her parenting style on this blog.
  11. Happy Healthy Hip Parenting. This blog provides lots of information for helping parents do their job well.
  12. The Tranquil Parent. From going green as a family to healthy snacks to learning to let go of the unnecessary stuff in life, this blog will help parents achieve their calm.
  13. Dr. Rene’s Parenting Answers. The advice on this blog comes from a developmental psychologist and include subjects such as problem solving, building vocabulary, and encouraging early speech.

Specifically about Daughters or Sons

These blogs focus on the specific needs and joys of daughters and sons.

  1. Daughters Blog. Nancy Gruver writes about raising healthy daughters in a media-saturated environment.
  2. Dads and Daughters. Joe Kelly shares his insight for dads and stepdads raising daughters.
  3. Strong Girls. Learn how to empower your daughters with the posts on this blog.
  4. Blogging ‘Bout Boys. This homeschooling mom to four boys writes about issues related specifically to boys.
  5. Raising My 4 Sons. A mom of four boys shares her experiences with her sons ages 9-1.
  6. Raising Boys. This blog written by an editor at the Gainesville Sun relates her life with two boys and one more on the way.

Teenage Years

The teenage years bring all new challenges for both parents and their teens, so take a look at these blogs to find support and information to make it through.

  1. Very few teens fail Driver’s Ed – millions fail at dating. This blog is for both parents and teens themselves and provides advice and straight talk helpful for teens breaking into the world of dating.
  2. Teen Health Blog. From, this blog for teens covers everything from texting to tanning salons.
  3. Please Stop the Rollercoaster!. This blog is for parents of teens and covers topics such as talking to teens about sex and the transition to college.
  4. Teen Health 411. Parents of teens will find helpful information such as how to talk to your teen and more from this developmental psychologist who is also a parent.
  5. Lemonade Life. This young 20-something woman blogs about living with Type 1 diabetes and is an inspiration to teens and young adults.
  6. Teen Mental Health Blog. Focusing on triumphs and suicide prevention are two recent topics found in the posts on this blog.
  7. Teen Health Blog. This blog from a physician’s office in Northampton invites teens to post anonymous health questions to receive answers here. The posts are only updated when they receive questions, so posts are sporadic.
  8. Safe Teen Driving Blog. Get plenty of information to ensure your teen is learning safe driving habits early.
  9. Connect with Your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology. Parents can stay current with the latest trends in pop culture and technology to promote better connections with their teens.
  10. Parenting Teens. If you are parenting teens, then check out this blog that provides insight on a whole host of parent and teen issues.

Food Allergies

If your family faces food allergies, then turn to these blogs for news, information, recipes, support, and more.

  1. Please Don’t Pass the Nuts. With multiple food allergies herself, this licensed psychotherapist/social worker offers advice and information to the food-allergic community.
  2. Go Dairy Free. This blog offers recipes for a dairy-free diet as well as news and information pertinent to those with dairy allergies.
  3. Food Allergy Buzz. For families dealing with food allergies, this blog offers news, updates, advice, products, and recipes to make life with food allergies easier.
  4. Karina’s Kitchen. Karina, a cook with celiac disease, offers up delicious gluten-free recipes on her blog.
  5. The Allergic Kid. If you have a child with food allergies, then check out this blog that provides recipes without eggs, nuts, dairy, or red meat.
  6. Peanut Free Mama. This mom has been introduced to the world of peanut allergies via her son’s severe allergy. She updates readers with information about food allergies in general and nut allergies more frequently.
  7. Allergy Moms. Learn about new treatments for allergies, safe foods (including candy) for children, and much more from these moms concerned about food allergies.
  8. Our Story: The Good, The Bad, and The Food Allergies. This mom has one child with multiple food allergies and one with none. She posts helpful information and inspiration for other parents.
  9. Baby Health Blog. While nutrition is the main focus on this blog written by nutritionists, most of the posts include information on food allergies.
  10. No Whey, Mama. This dairy-free mama shares tips and products that are not only safe for her daughter with a dairy allergy, but for others too.

Childhood Illness Support and Information

From asthma to epilepsy, these blogs will help parents whose children face specific illnesses or disorders.

  1. Asthma Mom. This mom studies healthcare intensely and shares her research and experience as a mom of a daughter with asthma.
  2. CureSearch. This blog is from the National Childhood Cancer Foundation and offers tons of information on ways to help support finding a cure.
  3. Breath Spa for Kids. This blog from the UK focuses on asthma and allergy-related illnesses, including food allergies and autism.
  4. Phoenix’s Fight. Phoenix is a little boy born with Cystic Fibrosis and this blog details his impassioned fight for life.
  5. EBD Blog. Find posts on juvenile onset bipolar, autism, and more topics relating to emotional and behavioral disorders.
  6. Epilepsy in a Nutshell. This blog provides news stories and more that touch on living with epilepsy.
  7. Are you "Eating With Your Anorexic?". Spreading the word about eating disorders, this mom shares her experience and information to empower parents to help their children.