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100 Useful Continuing Ed Links for Nurses


November 15, 2009

A career in nursing is busy enough without having to worry about where you will find continuing education resources. Check out these useful links to help you find exactly the courses you want or need. Browse through the lists of sites offering multiple courses on a variety of topics, links to courses based on specific topics, or links by the type of nursing you perform. Many of these courses are free and others cost a bit, but all of them are sure to help you achieve your continuing education goals. Be sure to verify with your licensing agency that courses will count toward your continuing education requirements.

Sites Offering Multiple Free Courses

These sites offer plenty of free classes across a wide range of topics and specialties.

  1. Sigma Theta Tau International FreeCE. Find a course on coaching in nursing as well as several geriatric nursing courses here.
  2. Find several free courses on topics such as migraines, pain, and stroke management as well as opportunities for paid courses on this site.
  3. Medscape CME Nurses. Register for free to have access to an amazing number of continuing education opportunities for nurses from Medscape.
  4. MMWR Continuing Education. These courses are available from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and will require that you register for free.
  5. Power-Pak C.E.. Find courses here across a broad range of topics from supporting organizations such as Roche Laboratories and Home Diagnostics Inc.
  6. EES Independent Study Activities. This site from the Department of Veteran Affairs offers free classes for CE credits.
  7. Psoriasis HQ CME/CE Online. Get free classes on psoriatic conditions at this site.
  8. Cleveland Clinic Nursing CME. Find courses on a range of topics from Hepatitis C to temperature monitoring to perioperative shivering.
  9. These free courses come in a variety of delivery formats and are for all types of medical professionals.
  10. Advanced Knowledge in Healthcare On-line Courses Nursing. Many of these courses are free, but some listed are available for a fee.
  11. Primary Care Network Online CME. Choose from courses teaching topics such as pain management, osteoporosis, eating disorders, and insomnia.
  12. National Jewish Health’s Online Portal. Find a good selection of courses here that are both free and fee-based.
  13. PRIME Nurse CME. This site offers a range of classes, many of which are free. Any cost associated is easily identifiable on the short course description.
  14. Find a good selection of free courses available online, through audioconference, podcast, and more.
  15. Millennium-CME. With topics in cardiology, critical care, dermatology, pediatrics, and more, you are sure to find courses to reach your continuing education goals.

Fee-Based Sites Offering Multiple Courses

These sites provide classes for a fee, some of which are very reasonably priced.

  1. Nursing Continuing Education at Find over 550 continuing education courses here from Nursing Spectrum and NurseWeek.
  2. Western School Continuing Education Courses. Healthcare providers can find courses from this nationally accredited provider.
  3. ABQAURP Online Continuing Education. Accredited in Florida, this source offers online courses that range from prevention of medical errors to H1N1 overview.
  4. Culture Advantage. There are numerous courses listed here, and the prices are reasonable–starting around $2.50/hour.
  5. Ask AFIP Education. Find courses offered online and in person for medical professionals in the field of pathology here.
  6. CME Center. There is a certificate award processing fee for the pain management courses offered on this site.
  7. UniNursety. The courses here range from 1.5 to 30 hour courses for prices between $15-30 and cover a variety of topics.
  8. Nursing Education. Pay a flat rate of $31.95 for full access for one year or pay for each individual course at this site that holds a huge library of courses.
  9. Dynamic Nursing Education Online Courses. This site offers accredited contact hours and even some difficult-to-find topics for low prices.
  10. Find a huge number of courses here ranging from topics associated with elder care, abuse and neglect, neonatal, home health, and much more.
  11. Course Catalog. Besides the many courses available for a fee, this site also offers a few free courses.
  12. Select from a variety of topics here for continuing education just for nurses.
  13. Nursing Center CEConnection. One of the largest resources for online CE courses, this site allows you to browse by specialty, topic, and more.
  14. Nursing CEUS Courses. These courses are all nationally approved and range from one to ten CE hours.
  15. CEU Solutions. Get access to 14 courses for one price of $35 on this site.
  16. These classes range from understanding specific disorders such as bipolar disorder, Asperger’s, and childhood anxiety to IV therapy to latex allergies.
  17. e-LearRN Continuing Education Courses. Choose courses from a variety of specialties, including pediatrics, psychiatric health, clinical courses, and research.
  18. ANCC Continuing Nursing Education. Participate in these workshops and study groups to earn contact hours.
  19. CEU4U. Find a huge listing of courses here, including some state mandatory courses.
  20. With a huge amount of online offering ranging from just a few hours to more substantial courses, you are sure to find something for you continuing education here.
  21. Florida Medical Educational Services. Get several low-cost courses here that are provided by an organization approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.
  22. NCSBN Learning Extension Course Listing. Find classes from the following categories: Standards of Practice, Compassionate Care, Managing Patient Outcomes, Relationships with Co-Workers, and Nursing Instruction.

Free Courses by Specific Topics

Take these free courses that range from topics like healthy aging, organ and tissue donation, and menstrual migraines.

  1. Caring for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries: Are you up to the challenges?. This course is free and offers 1.9 contact hours until December 31, 2012.
  2. Managing Chest Drainage Continuing Education Program. Get 1.6 credit hours when you read this material and successfully complete the online test.
  3. Think, Care, Act: The Role of the Nurse in Organ and Tissue Donation. Learn all about the needs, challenges, and benefits of organ donation in this free course that awards 3.4 contact hours.
  4. Pain and Addiction 101. Select from six different courses on pain and addiction available at no charge.
  5. An Update on Good News for the Baby Boomer Generation. This course will teach you about healthy aging for the Boomer generation.
  6. Bladder Management after Spinal Cord Injury: A Practical Approach. Learn about the normal urinary system as well as changes and problems that can occur after SCI.
  7. Family Planning CEU Credits. Learn about options for permanent birth control and get two contact hours of credit.
  8. The Art and Science of Understanding Menstrual Migraine. Learn to recognize, understand, and manage menstrual migraines here.
  9. The Soy Connection Continuing Professional Education. Select from ten different newsletters to read about connections with soy and health, then take the tests to earn accredited CE units.
  10. Taking Women’s Health to Heart. Find out about women and cardiovascular disease while earning 1.25 CE credits with this course.
  11. Move It! Update From the Activity Side of the Energy Balance Equation. Explore the link between fitness and healthful aging here.
  12. American Diabetes Association Professional Education and Continuing Education Opportunities. Choose from three different courses to help you learn more about managing diabetes.
  13. GREAT Healthcare. This site offers online training to learn about Celiac disease and gluten-free awareness.
  14. An Investigation Into Constipation: IBS and Abuse in Women. Explore the link between physical abuse and IBS in women with this course.
  15. An Investigation Into Constipation: Nonpharmacologic Versus Pharmacologic Treatment Options in Chronic Constipation and IBS-C. Find out what the latest research says about treating constipation and IBS with constipation through diet and lifestyle changes, over-the-counter, and prescription medications.
  16. Fibromyalgia CME Course Information. Get a handful of courses to learn about fibromyalgia and its management.
  17. Management of Constipation: Considerations for Clinical Practice. Nurses and learn to recognize and evaluate the signs of chronic constipation after taking this course.

Fee-Based Courses by Specific Topics

Take these courses for a fee and learn about topics such as the psychological aspects of terrorism, management of diabetes, and telephone triage.

  1. Adult Ventilation Management. Earn 7.9 contact hours for $44 with this class offered by Corexcel.
  2. Nursing Ethics Continuing Education. Get eight patient advocacy courses from this site.
  3. Psychological Aspects of Terrorism. Learn to define and identify responses to terrorism as well as coping strategies for patients in this low-cost course.
  4. Public/Community Health Nursing Orientation. Broaden your perspective on public and community health nursing with this course that awards 9.6 contact hours for only $8.
  5. Smallpox: We’re Still Vulnerable. Find out about the use of small pox as a weapon of terror, then explore small pox itself and discover what you can do in case of an outbreak.
  6. Advanced Diabetic Management Web Course. Learn about assessment, treatment options, non-pharmacological interventions, and more.
  7. Nursing Case Management Web Course. Discover all there is to know about case management in this comprehensive course.
  8. Challenging Geriatric Behaviors. This link offers a complete self-study package, including the CE post-test.
  9. Safety on the Ward: Violence Prevention Training. Learn violence-prevention techniques, especially with adolescent and young adult patients.
  10. Spanish for Healthcare. Learn Spanish to help communicate with patients while also earning CE credits with this class.
  11. Telephone Triage Protocols. Choose from five different classes to help you learn better telephone triage skills.

Free Courses Related to Specialties

These free courses are available for nurses working in fields such as oncology, pediatrics, women’s health, and cardiology.

  1. AACN Online CE Center. Members of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses can access all these continuing education classes for free.
  2. The Meniscus Educational Institute CE Offerings. Oncology nurses will find several classes here.
  3. Managing Myeloma CNE Programs. These free courses offer opportunities for continuing education in the treatment of multiple myeloma.
  4. Oncology Practice Update. This course focuses on breast cancer and the risks and benefits of several treatment options.
  5. PsoriasisTx Continuing Education (CE) Programs. These free programs will strengthen dermatology nurses’ knowledge of psoriasis.
  6. Gestational Diabetes. Take this free class on gestational diabetes.
  7. SIDS, Sleep & Suffocation: The Facts. Nurses working with newborns and babies can benefit from the information in this course.
  8. National Kidney Foundation CME/CE Activities. Choose from one of the many courses listed here to stay on top of the latest information in nephrology.
  9. Osteoporosis: Risk, Diagnosis, and Fracture Prevention. Take this course to earn 1 credit hour of accredited continuing education.
  10. Improve Clinical Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome. Learn to identify managed-care challenges and the results of new clinical trials in the management of Acute Coronary Syndrome.

Fee-Based Courses Related to Specialties

Find courses available for a fee for nurses working in psychiatry, gerontology, surgery, and more.

  1. Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Web Course. Take up to three months to complete this popular course.
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialist Web Course. Find out about assessment and diagnosis, standards of care, research, management, and more in this course.
  3. Gerontological Nurse Web Course. Explore the aging population, health problems, and professional, medical, and legal issues surrounding care for the older population.
  4. CoHealth. Find continuing education courses for gerontological nursing here.
  5. Nursing Informatics Web Course. This course explores the human and technological sides of informatics.
  6. Medical Surgical Web Course. Study such topics as coping and adaptation, legal and ethical issues, common patient care needs and problems when you take this course.
  7. Cardiac Vascular Web Course. Find out about assessment, disease manifestation, risk and risk reduction, pharmacology, and more here.
  8. AWHONN Continuing Nursing Education. Get a great selection of courses related to women’s health, childbearing, and neonatology from this ANCC Premier Program provider.
  9. APNA Continuing Education. Psychiatric nurses will find a wide variety of delivery options and courses to choose from here.
  10. ACNM Education Calendar: CEU Opportunities. Find many continuing education opportunities for nurse midwives at this site.
  11. ENA Continuing Education Information. Emergency nurses can browse through these selections to earn continuing education credits.
  12. CE for Pediatric Nurses. Check out these offerings for pediatric nurses from the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

For Nurse Practitioners

While many of the above-mentioned courses are appropriate for nurse practitioners, the following courses are specifically for nurse practitioners. Some of these classes are free of charge and some require payment.

  1. The American Academy of Hearing Loss Support Specialists. Nurse practitioners can earn 55 CEU credits with this online class on hearing loss.
  2. Family Nurse Practitioner Web Course. Learn about health promotion and disease prevention as well as delving into specific disorders when you take this class.
  3. Adult Nurse Practitioner Web Course. Offering content similar to the Family NP version, this course focuses specifically on adult care.
  4. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Web Course. This version combines both the Adult and Family NP content into one course focusing on the psychiatric patient.
  5. New Directions in Angioedema: A Focus on Pathogenesis and Classification. Nurse practitioners can take this free course to learn about angioedema and its causes.
  6. GAFP Online Educational Activities. Family NPs can earn credits with these free courses on asthma, preconception care, and more.
  7. Stemming the Tide of Type 2 Diabetes: Preventing or Delaying the Development and Progression of Type 2 Diabetes. This course will help you become better able to screen and treat type 2 diabetes using evidence-based strategies.
  8. AANP CE Center. Members of AANP can access all of these courses for free.
  9. On-Demand CME/CE. Find a good selection of free courses available that deal with respiratory illnesses in children.
  10. Fitzgerald Health Education Associates. This provider is an AANP-approved source for continuing education that provides education in a variety of sources, including online, books, and live seminars.
  11. CE-Today for Nurse Practitioners. Get a selection of courses here that cover topics such as managing COPD, psoriasis, and sleep apnea.
  12. Incretin-Based Therapies: New Options for Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes. Study incretin-based therapies in the treatment of type 2 diabetes here.
  13. NAPNAP Continuing Education Center. Pediatric NPs will find plenty of courses among the listings on this site.