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50 Best Blog Posts on Health Care Reform


November 17, 2009

With the House just having passed a health care reform bill, the Senate considering one, and President Obama’s urging to get a plan in place by the end of the year, there are some sweeping changes occurring with the health care system in America. Check out these 50 blog posts to see what people are saying about what we need, how we should make changes, and what changes have already been put in place.

What is Health Care Reform and Why Do We Need It?

Explore the issues at hand that are prompting all the discourse over health care reform with these blog posts.

  1. Defining ‘Health Care Reform’. This post examines what health care reform means to the American people seeking health care and from the perspective of an economist.
  2. How Health Care Reform Would Impact You. This blog post is a few months old, so it may be slightly off on the specifics of the health care reform bill, but it does offer an excellent view of why health care reform is necessary.
  3. Healthcare Reform Explained – A Guide For the Perplexed. Dr. Rich (Richard N. Fogoros, MD) offers a detailed account of what he sees as the history and problems of health care in America and what the reforms may or may not bring.
  4. Let’s Compare US Health Care Costs With Other Countries. These graphs clearly show how costly American health care is in comparison to other countries around the world.
  5. Medical Bankruptcy and Health Care Reform. Take a look at some debate over the connection between bankruptcy due to medical debt and health care reform here.
  6. Why We Need Health Care Reform. This post includes the transcript of a speech given by Obama as he explains why health care reform is vital to American "stability and security."
  7. When Will Emergency Rooms Go Back to Being Emergency Rooms?. Emergency rooms have become substitutes for routine care for those without insurance, leaving people with emergencies to wait for hours.
  8. Do we need healthcare reform?. Dr. Geoff breaks down the reasons for health care reform in an easy-to-understand fashion.
  9. Why Do We Need Health Care Reform? Don’t Ask George Will. This post takes issue with George Will’s stance on leaving health care alone and explains why health care reform is essential.
  10. What Do the U.S. and Turkmenistan Have in Common?. In a comparison that provides a new perspective on the broken American health care system, this post illustrates the need for reform.

Suggestions on What Should Be Done

Instead of just complaining about the problem, these people are offering solutions.

  1. Health Care Reform – Full Article. CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey offers his suggestions for how to create an effective health care reform package.
  2. How important are individual mandates in achieving health reform?. Debra Lipson discusses the inclusion of individual mandates as a part of health care reform.
  3. Health Care Reform Needs Public Option–Not Band-Aid. Mike Hall from the AFL-CIO NOW Blog discusses why a public option is necessary for health care reform.
  4. A billion dollars worth of care……. Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director of Microsoft’s Worldwide Health offers his ideas on what should be included in health care reform in order to make the most of the money involved and to serve the people the best.
  5. Intermountain Healthcare–Proof That U.S. Hospitals Can Improve. Take a look at the results of a healthcare system in Utah and Idaho that demonstrates how Medicare pilot programs may point the way to quality health care reform.
  6. What Congress Can Do To Boost Health Care Quality. Margaret E. O’Kane, president of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, provides three suggestions for what Congress can do to ensure effective and quality health care.

Hear from the Doctors

In the trenches, the doctors have a unique perspective on many issues surrounding health care reform. Hear what they have to say here.

  1. The House Bill Is "Worse Than Nothing"? Really?. Jonathan Cohen looks at what Marcia Angell, M.D., one of the most respected experts on health care, says about the health care reform as it stands and whether or not it was worth the effort.
  2. The Federated Health System of America. This physician with a PhD in Health Policy provides his perspective on why there has been such a difficulty reaching consensus and why the result may not succeed.
  3. Health Care Reform 2009: No Bill is Better Than a Bad Bill. Dr. John Geyman looks at the negatives of the health care reform bill, which he sees as outweighing the positives.
  4. Dissident Docs Fail to Dislodge AMA’s Backing of House Health Bill. The AMA officially supported the bill as passed by the House, but many doctors are vehemently opposed to this support. Read this post to find out why.
  5. House Bill Effects on Physician Income. Dr. Christopher M. Hughes explains how physicians are actually in a position to receive more income when more people are covered–even when the amount paid by each patient is less.
  6. Saving Health Care–Saving America. Written collaboratively, this post calls Congress to think and act on the part of the American people, not special interest groups.
  7. Uninsured veterans. Dr. Don McCanne shines light on the fact that many veterans are left uninsured after serving their country and asks for something to be done for all Americans.
  8. Doctor’s Rx for health reform: primary care for all. Dr. Michael Fine advocates for a health care system for America, not expensive health insurance.
  9. How should doctors discuss healthcare reform with patients?. Discover how some physicians are talking about health care reform to patients and why some are not.
  10. Responsible Governing is Hard. This ER doc discusses the fiscal responsibility (or lack thereof) in relation to the House health care reform bill.

The Economic and Political View

The health care issues are integrally tied to economics and politics. Find out about the controversy and opinion being blogged with these posts.

  1. Word from the White House: Controlling Costs for Families, Small Businesses, and the Government. This is the official White House response to both the House and Senate version of the health care reform bill.
  2. Obama’s Statement on House Health Bill. This post provides Obama’s official statement in response to the passage of the health care reform bill in the House.
  3. Op-Ed: Why "free market competition" fails in health care. Joe Flower provides a look at why the competition that works in other industries won’t work with respect to health care.
  4. Help the buyer be aware. Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu takes the opposing view from Mr. Flowers and recommends giving employers the responsibility of regulating the insurance companies.
  5. Liberal’s Approach to Health Care Reform Made Abortion Controversy Inevitable. Despite the title of this post, the issue at hand isn’t really about liberalism or abortion, but the idea that for a government-controlled healthcare system will always run into issues hindering progress because it is a part of a political system–and politics will matter.
  6. Lieberman will filibuster health-care reform ‘as a matter of conscience’. Learn why Lieberman is opposed to a public option and what Ezra Klein wonders about Lieberman’s opposition in this post.
  7. The Affordability Factor. Marilyn Werber Serafini asked questions about affordability of health care for the individuals. Read on to see what kind of responses she got from the National Journal’s panel of insiders.
  8. Insurance Coverage Under the Health Care Reform Proposal Approved by the Senate Finance Committee. Learn how the Congressional Budget Office answers two common questions about its estimate that that roughly 94 percent of the legal nonelderly population would have health insurance in 2019, compared with about 83 percent today.
  9. Menu Labeling–From a New York City Experiment to Part of the Health Care Reform Bill. Deepak Gupta explores the legality and quick progression of menu labeling as it has become a part of the health care reform package.
  10. Paying for Reform. This post examines several options for footing the bill on health care reform.
  11. Financing Health Care Reform: 2009 vs. 2003. Uwe E. Reinhardt, an economics professor at Princeton, looks at ways the health care reform may be funded and how reform funding now differs from the Medicare Modernization Act in 2003.

Specifics on the House Health Care Reform Bill

The legislation that was passed in the House has prompted quite a bit of conversation. Read these posts to find out what is being said.

  1. Health Care Reform Bill – What Women Stand to Gain (and Lose). Linda Lowen takes a look at what the recent health care reform bill has done to women’s right to choice when it comes to abortion.
  2. Start with a smaller burger. Not only should individuals take more personal responsibility for their health, says Robert F. Graboyes, there is also a problem with the current proposed health care reform–it’s going to take too hard a financial toll on small businesses and employees.
  3. Six Smart Progressive Complaints About House Health Bill. John Nichols looks at why six progressives are not happy with the current health care reform.
  4. Health Reform’s Chevy Tax. Learn why the Senate health care legislation may be more of a Chevy tax than a Cadillac tax.
  5. Should Older People Pay More for Health Insurance?. According to the House bill that passed, older people could be charged twice that of younger people for health insurance–with estimates showing those over 60 could be paying up to $9,420 a year.
  6. Documents: Read the full contents of the proposed health care bill. If you have the time to read all 1,990 pages of the health care reform bill, use the link here, or just read Anderson Cooper’s summary to get the gist of it all.
  7. Affordable Health Care for America Act. Read this post to learn about the key components of the Affordable Health Care for America Act that passed the House on November 7.
  8. Anh Joseph Cao Explains His Vote. This blog post includes a video clop of Cao explaining his vote on the House bill. Cao was the only Republican to vote in favor of the bill.
  9. A Merged Senate Bill by Monday?. Take a look at the timeline between the passed House bill and what may happen as the bill moves to the Senate. This post offers an in-depth look at the political workings of government.
  10. HR 3962: The Affordable Health Care for Americans Act. Timothy Jost, a health law professor, provides a detailed look at the specifics of HR 3962. This is the first of a four-part series examining the health care bill.
  11. The Public Option And Insurance Exchange In The House Bill. Jost explores the strengths and weaknesses of the public option portion of the bill as well as the health insurance exchange proposal.
  12. The House Health Reform Bill: Delivery System Reforms And Other Provisions. In this third post, Jost spends some time with several of the lesser-known elements of the bill.
  13. The House Health Reform Bill: An Abortion Funding Ban And Other Late Changes. Finally, Jost examines the changes made in the bill before it was passed in the House.