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50 Healthy Food Blogs You Shouldn’t Be Without


October 16, 2009

For many people, making the change into eating healthier can be a challenge, especially without much knowledge about how to go from eating fast food to lean meats and veggies. But medical professionals agree that having a healthy diet is one of the best ways to live a more fit life. Even the biggest newbies to healthy eating can get a little help on the web, however, whether they need guidance on what to cook, how to eat a balanced diet, or even how to lose weight. Here are just a few of the best that anyone trying to eat healthy should bookmark and read regularly.


These blogs touch on a number of health and nutrition issues.

  1. Healthy Food Journal: This blog is a great place to find all kinds of articles on eating healthy and losing weight, from making smoothies to healthy snacks.
  2. Junkfood Science: Ever wish you could get a more critical look at the new studies released in the new about food health? This blog does just that.
  3. Food Politics: Here you can learn more about some of the big news stories about food– from restaurants to breakfast cereals.
  4. Circle of Food: This site offers everything from recipes to news about sometimes outrageous food items.
  5. Healthy. Delicious: Check out this site to find great recipes and ideas for eating healthy. To make it even easier, recipes include calorie counts so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into no matter what you decide to cook.

Everyday People

Healthy eating isn’t just for foodies, fitness freaks, doctors, and nursing professionals. These blogs are written by people just like you and can help you find simple ways to eat better.

  1. $5 Dinners: If you want to eat healthy but are worried about doing it on a budget, this site can offer you some great ideas on eating right for less.
  2. Hungry Pants: Here you’ll find recipes and more from this couple who are trying to eat healthier.
  3. Fresh Mouth: This blog began with the mission that this family would only eat non-processed foods or those with fewer than 5 ingredients. See how they fared and get additional food advice as well.
  4. Joanna’s Food: Think making things from scratch is just too much work? This site is full of recipes on how to make everything from fresh ingredients for your family.
  5. What’s for Dinner?: Learn what this family is eating for dinner each night through this blog– a great way to get recommendations and find new ideas.
  6. Goodlife Eats: This blog will help you find an appreciation for all the food you eat in everyday life.
  7. Healthy Tasty Cheap: Here you’ll find awesome recipes for eating not only healthy but flavorful and budget-friendly meals.

Chef and Gourmet

These blogs show you how to take healthy food into the gourmet zone, with tips from chefs and foodies.

  1. Anton Health and Nutrition: Get professional advice on everything from everyday tips from eating healthy to building healthy breakfasts from less than usual ingredients.
  2. Skinny Chef: Here you can get tips on healthy, delicious cooking from chef Jennifer Iserloh.
  3. Health Chef Alex: This chef offers you some great tips on what to eat and what to avoid.
  4. The Healthy Gourmet: If you want to enjoy healthy meals eating out but don’t want to sacrifice gourmet tastes, check out this blog.
  5. Feel Good Eats: Check out this restaurant blog for seasonal recipes and recommendations for healthy eating.


Here you’ll find a great selection of healthy recipes you can make at home. 

  1. Diet Recipes Blog: This blog is full of low calorie recipes– some with only 200 calories per serving.
  2. Easy Low Fat Recipes: Here you’ll find recipes for everything from cocktails to dinners, all of which are created with health in mind.
  3. Healthy Eating: This blog is part of Health Magazine’s websites and offers some tasty recipes as well as low-cal ways to enjoy cheese and wine and more.
  4. 101 Cookbooks: Read this blog to learn about this blogger’s food creations, some of which come from her large cookbook collection. Most of the recipes focus on natural foods and are vegetarian.
  5. Healthy Recipes: Here you’ll find just what the title suggests– loads and loads of healthy, delicious recipes.
  6. Healthy Menu Mailer: Watch the videos on this blog to learn how to make healthy dinners at home.
  7. Foodie View Blog: If you love to eat but want to do it healthier, check out the recipes on this helpful site.
  8. Healthy Cooking: This section of Suite 101 is full of great recipes that will help you eat better without sacrificing taste.

Veggie and Vegan

Those who don’t eat animals or animal products can find healthy eating tips on these blogs.

  1. Eat, Drink and Be Vegan: Here you will find a large collection of vegan recipes– some healthier than others– that can help you eat well.
  2. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen: Check out this blog to find healthy recipes, even some for desserts, that are made with whole, vegan ingredients.
  3. Savvy Vegetarian Blog: Learn more about what it takes to be a vegetarian and why it can be good for your health here.
  4. A Veggie Venture: This blog is home to recipes of all kinds, focusing on veggies as the main ingredients.
  5. Day to Day Vegan: Learn about how this family is sticking to a vegan diet from this blog.
  6. Veggie Meal Plans: Here you can take the worry out of planning veggie meals with pre-created veggie nutritional plans.

Specialty Diet

Considering a specialty diet like raw foods or macrobiotic? These blogs can help you do it right.

  1. Raw Epicurean: Learn how you can eat well with whole, raw foods on this helpful blog.
  2. Becoming Whole: Here you can find great recipes for everything from green smoothies to BBQ tempeh– all made with macrobiotic ingredients.
  3. We Like it Raw: Get the inside scoop on the health advantages of eating raw from this blog.
  4. Gluten-Free Girl: Giving up gluten doesn’t mean giving up taste. This blog offers some great gluten-free alternatives.
  5. The Raw Divas Blog: Geared towards women, this blog offers tips on eating raw, loving food and having a healthy relationship with it.
  6. Jessica Porter’s Hip Chick Blog: This blog is home to some great advice on eating a macrobiotic diet.
  7. Elana’s Pantry: Check out this blog for organic, gluten-free recipes from blogger and author Elana.

Green Eating

Green eating will make medical professionals happy because it is healthier, and environmentalists happy because it will make the planet healthier. These blogs will not only help you eat better, but more sustainably as well.

  1. GreenLiteBites: Read through this blog to learn how you can eat healthy, green and still get great flavors.
  2. The Ethicurean: This blog is all about helping you make wiser and more sustainable food choices.
  3. Local Harvest Blog: Learn why it’s a good idea to eat foods that are grown locally, not only for your health but for the earth as well.
  4. Organic Authority: Find out about the overall impact of eating organic, ways to change your diet and organic food news from this blog.
  5. Nourish Me: Here you can read about recipes and tips for eating fresh, organic foods.
  6. Mighty Foods: Check out this blog to learn more about natural foods.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

If part of your reason for eating healthy is to improve your fitness and to lose weight, these blogs will act like your own nurse or personal trainer and lend a hand in getting you there.

  1. Laurel on Health Food: Read this blog to learn about some of the best diet and health foods out there.
  2. Mark’s Daily Apple: Take your diet back to the stone age with this blog focused on healthy eating in a more primal form.
  3. Diet Detectives Blog: This blog is published with the motto “think before you eat.”
  4. diet blog: If you’re struggling with weight loss read through this blog for tips, ideas and things not to eat.
  5. Eating Fabulous: Those who want great recipes for healthy foods and advice on grocery store shopping can find both here.
  6. Eat4Today: This blog is home to posts about healthy eating, diet, and food related news.