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Opening Doors through Advanced Nursing Degrees

If you want to increase your chances of getting an upper level (and higher paying) nursing job, one option is to pursue one of the advanced nursing degrees available. Becoming a nurse with an advanced nursing degree can open the doors for you to high paying careers in nursing that have much higher than average prospects for employment. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, employment in nursing is increasing as fast as 5.3% per year, which is much higher than the rate that other career fields are increasing. Getting an advanced nursing degree will take time and money as an investment, but as with any good investment, it will often pay off in the long run with the possibility of a better job that pays more and has better benefits.

Online LPN to RN Programs as an Option

One option for getting an advanced nursing degree is taking one of the online LPN to RN programs. For even higher education, you may consider getting a masters through one of the available online MSN programs. These programs can set you apart from other job seekers by showing that you have more knowledge and more skills, making you a more valuable employee to potential employers. The online programs will last for a duration of anywhere from one to four years. If you take an accelerated program, you will finish faster, while a part time program will take longer but will generally consist of a more manageable course load; this is designed for those who already have a family or existing career while taking their courses.

Information on Forensic Nursing Programs

There are many different subset focus options for nursing degrees, including the forensic nursing programs which prepare students to work as a forensic nurse in a hospital. While not all nursing schools online offer forensic nursing programs, it is becoming more common as the demand for forensic nurses increases along with the demand for nurses in general. Forensic nurses will have many of the same responsibilities as a standard nurse, but they will also be responsible for examining patients that are believed to be involved somehow with a crime. In addition to the standard nursing courses, forensic nursing programs include courses on law and forensic science.

Getting an Education through an Online Nursing College

If you have made up your mind to take your education online, you now need to select an online nursing college to attend. You want to make sure to choose somewhere that has been accredited and that is known to offer the best quality online nursing courses among any online program. Online nursing colleges such as Indiana State University, Western Governors University, the Grand Canyon University, the University of Phoenix, Liberty University Online, and many other quality distance learning institutions offer quality accredited degrees that consistently rank among the top online nursing colleges. Getting your nursing education is an investment in yourself and in your career – you want to make sure to make this investment the best possible by attending one of the top online nursing colleges available.