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Open Doors by Getting a Bachelors Degree in Nursing

You can get a bachelors degree in nursing the traditional way, at a university, but you can also get one online as well. Online nursing programs are relatively new compared to the long history of studying medical knowledge. Getting a degree in nursing can open the doors for you to begin a career as a nurse – nurses enjoy one of the best careers as far as employment and wages go. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in the nursing health care industry can expect wages that, on average, fall between $51,640 and $76,570. It is possible to earn even much more than that average wage depending on your experience and what type of degree and certification that you have received.

Earn a 2 Year Nursing Degree

The associate, or 2 year nursing degree, is one option for nursing education. Some people use this as their final degree and begin searching for jobs immediately. Others, however, use the 2 year degree as a step to get to higher degrees, such as an online masters in nursing that is much higher up the chain of education. Either way, the associate degree is typically earned in two years, but it is possible to earn it in even less than two years. If you choose to take the classes in an accelerated manner, you can finish this degree in half the time: a year or less. If you are busy and unable to devote a lot of time to course work, you can take a part time degree program and spread the work out over several years.

Information on Licensed Practical Nurse Programs

Many employers require that their workers in nursing have completed at least some sort of certification or program, such as one of the licensed practical nurse programs that are available. LPN nursing programs give prospective nurses the education and information they need to pass the certification tests as well as the information and experience that they need in order to find success in the work place. The programs are available as general nursing programs as well as in more focused specializations. For example, a student can choose to pursue a specialization that prepares them to work as a nursing care facility specialist, a forensic nurse, or one of many other possible vocations.

Finding Licensed Vocational Nursing Schools

There are many options for nursing education, ranging from licensed vocational nursing schools to online universities. Some of the nursing degree university choices that are on the internet have been ranked among the top online schools for nursing education. The rankings will differ based on what criteria is used to construct the list, but schools such as Indiana State University, Herzing University, and Walden University as well as many more consistently rank in the top ten online nursing schools. If you pick one of these top universities, you will find that you receive a high quality education that legitimately prepares you for work as a nurse. You may also find that employers are more eager to hire people who have degrees from quality and recognizable institutions of learning.