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Career & Salary

Currently there is a nursing shortage. Even though most RNs are able to maintain more hours per week, there is still the problem of a dwindling field of candidates to choose from for each new year. Because of the shortage, professionals are figuring out ways to provide more incentives for future nurses to enroll in the field. The biggest challenge being faced is delivering the message to young women, minorities and men that nursing is a valid profession, comfortable, and resilient even during recessions. Salaries will always be increased when there is a shortage, it is one primary method of inducing more students to earn their nursing degrees.

A Solid, Recession-Proof Career

Despite what some people believe, nursing is one of the most reliable forms of employment in health care, if not everywhere else. Lots of other degrees with career tracks are not always what they promise to be, but nursing is different. Before, RNs used to solely work in hospitals, but now your degree is incredibly flexible and you can find job opportunities in almost every corner of the health care world. You can find work at mental facilities, patient care, home treatment and other environments.

The Nursing Field is Only Growing

Since there is a historic shortage of nurses, the field is wide open for future employment. Estimates for the demand for nurses is set to be 3 million in the next ten years, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Since this is a ridiculous demand, employers are finding every way possible to grab students their way for a future in nursing.

Traditionally men are not very common in the nursing field. This stems from historical ties, but the practice is outdated and health professionals are hoping to switch this around in the mean time. There are still many male nursing organizations that provide guidance and support to future male nurses. They offer support such as helping students decide on proper schools, providing scholarships and also answering any questions along the way. One out of 20 nurses are male, and hospitals are trying their best to break the female nurse stereotype, as all working hands are deemed valuable in this shortage.

Salary Information

A nurse’s salary is determined by a few factors, including region of practice, years of experience, level of degree held and prior practice in a private/public environment.

The Staff Registered Nurse (RN) usually specialize in a form of patient care. Those nurses that gain expertise in such fields like emergency and trauma, critical care and intensive care

Licensed Practical Nurses have basic responsibilities and their degree only requires a year of study. Since their work is more or less a general nurse, that is why the pay is virtually flat around the board.