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Nursing Degree Info

A nursing degree is not for everyone, but is highly rewarding to those who stick with the thick and the thin. There is a large demand for proficient nurses that grows every year, and more recently there have been an increased amount of pathways to obtain your entry into the field. Nurses are able to specialize in many aspects of medicine from senior assistance to therapy.

Right now, you may earn these types of degrees in nursing:

Associates in Nursing

Bachelors in Nursing

Masters in Nursing

Doctor in Nursing

Diploma/Certificate in Nursing

There are Many Options

In the past, the most common programs were diploma/certificate programs. On the job training for the nurse in question was performed at the hosting hospital and students helped with nurses until they finished their degree. Today, aspiring nurses can take two year associate programs in nursing. These ADN degrees are very popular and easily allow you to step up to a four year bachelor program later in life.

Also, you may want to think about completing a BSN degree. Those nurses who already completed an associate degree may obtain a bachelor’s of science with a few more years of study. Lots of programs allow quick integration and credit transfers to get you on your way to your new career as soon as possible. The BSN degree allows a nurse to work in virtually any aspect of care, that can lead them to become a nurse anesthetist, midwife or practitioner.

Increasing Demand for Advanced Nursing Degrees

Just as there are more jobs requiring two and four year nursing degrees, there is a growing demand for nurses possessing a masters degree. It use to be not very common that such an advanced degree was required for job placement, but now there is a calling for more expertise in the medical field. Nurses with masters degrees often work in research, nursing science and also practices.

Where to Find These Programs

Traditional schools with nursing programs offer great programs, like campus nursing schools and medical colleges. However, in recent times the community colleges have began to increase the quality of education and now offer some incredible degree programs. These teach you the basic nursing skills and prepare you to work in two years or less.