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How Do I Apply for an Online Nursing Program?

Once you have chosen an accredited online school that is tailored to your particular nursing education needs, it is time to begin the application process. As with anything you are doing for the first time, you can expect to be a little confused by the whole process at first, but with a little help from one of your school’s advisors or enrollment counselors, you should be able to get your questions answered, get yourself enrolled in the college and register for your first online classes.

Before You Apply

You will need any and all official copies of transcripts from colleges you have attended in the past. Official transcripts are those a college sends or gives you by hand in the college’s own sealed envelope, which you or your former school will eventually forward unopened to your college of choice, depending on the online school’s preference. Transcripts should be from accredited institutions and must include the school’s official seal and registrar’s signature (typically a stamp). Inside will be information your online school will need, such as two forms of student identification (e.g., Social Security number, current address or date of birth) and your previous academic records. Most schools want the transcript to be issued within six months.

Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Let’s take an RN to BSN program, for example, one of the most popular online degree programs. School of Nursing candidates must submit a copy of a current RN license or certification to let the school know their current professional status. This can either be mailed in with the application or faxed to the school’s admissions office. If you have an associate’s degree, your credits will be evaluated to see which will transfer. The same is true of a diploma and applicable work experience.

You will be asked to provide your name, contact information, Social Security number, e-mail address and other information. Reveal if you are current or former military, as you could receive a significant tuition discount. You will also be asked to mark what degree program you are interested in if you are filling out a general application.

You can usually submit your application either online or by mail. If you decide to apply to a college online, you will often be asked to register to the school’s website and will sign your online application with an electronic signature.

Once you have submitted your application, potential students will typically be contacted with preliminary information letting them know how their previous college credits will transfer and how many credits they have yet to earn through the online university.