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How Will an Online Nursing Program Help My Career?

Completing an online nursing program can be very beneficial to your career, especially if you are already working as a registered nurse (RN), perhaps with an associate’s degree, and want to move up to a bachelor’s degree. Even more career opportunities open up when you earn your master’s.

Why? Online nursing programs are far more flexible than traditional nursing programs, allowing an RN to continue gaining valuable work experience working full- or part-time while furthering their education. This creates a win-win situation on your resume in both the “work experience” and “education” areas, making you more marketable for better jobs.

Online nursing programs, like the online RN to BSN program at Grand Canyon University for example, specialize in meeting the needs of working adults who are RNs, and aim to maximize the strengths an RN already has. While the program does not rehash what has already been proven as learned after sitting for and passing the NCLEX exam, this program, and others like it, offers a bridge course that helps a student transition from an RN to a bachelor’s program.

Students who want to further their careers should consider the advantages of enrolling in a BSN or MSN program because they allow more opportunities for advancement, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. To get that administrative position you’ve had your eye on, you will definitely need to have your bachelor’s degree, and let’s not forget a bachelor’s degree is the foundation you need for getting into graduate programs that will open doors to advanced practice nursing specialties. Those specialties include: clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners, all in-demand, highly-specialized and typically highly-paid positions. Those specialties require a master’s degree. Both BSN and MSN programs are available online and are fully accredited, so why bother battling traffic during your busy day when you could be working, or driving to attend night classes at a traditional school, if you can complete a higher-level nursing program in your own home or anywhere else reliable Internet is available?

By enrolling in an online RN to BSN program, you are helping your career by getting increased training in vital areas like communication, leadership and critical thinking. Without these skills, you will not be able to lead a team in a hospital or any other medical setting.

Furthering your degree online can help your career by helping you be more competitive for the jobs you really want. Many nurses are going after employment in physician’s office and outpatient care centers, where the Bureau predicts faster employment growth. These positions are competitive because of their regular working hours and more comfortable work environments. What is going to give you the edge over other applicants? The edge is gained from a wider range of experience and a greater level of education. So why not get that education online?