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Obtain the Skills and Training Employers Need With an Online LPN Degree

Choosing to start a career in the field of health care, and nursing in particular, involves serious training, as working all day with patients should not be treated lightly. The licensed practical nurse degree (LPN) is the way to start working in the field, by occupying an entry-level position. Getting an advanced degree in nursing will ensure a higher position in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. Completing an online nursing education program is the perfect solution for career advancement, as it allows one to continue a job during the learning program. Students all over the country can learn together in one program, from their own home, without having to move and spend more money, or quit a job. The online LPN degree program provides the training that makes students available for a chance at an excellent job in a clinical setting.

Online BSN Programs Will Create More Opportunities

Taking the online BSN program will ensure an entrance in any nursing job or position. Those owning a bachelor’s of science in nursing can work in research, administrative positions, and leadership positions, in ambulatory clinics, home health institutions, governmental agencies, or public health departments. The educational online nursing degree programs provide training in courses such as anatomy, microbiology, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, chemistry, pharmacology, behavioral sciences, advanced nursing, and several other. Students in ADN and BSN can opt for liberal arts courses as well. Supervised clinical practice in health care facilities for all students is available, for all specializations, such as psychiatry, surgery, pediatrics, maternity, and many more.

Advance in Your Career Through Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

Completing online nurse practitioner programs is a great way to advance in a career, bringing an extra $30.000 per year to an average salary. Becoming a nurse practitioner from just a registered nurse is definitely worthwhile. Nurses all over the country choose to continue advancing, and sign up for a NP certification, that proves a nurse is competent to work just as well as a doctor. It is not unheard of that medical institutions sometimes prefer to hire nurse practitioners over doctors. A new specialization available out there is provided by the forensic nursing programs, created specially to come in aid of crime investigators.

Applying for a Registered Nursing Degree Online

In order to become a registered nurse, there are three different paths that one can follow. The diploma from an approved program of nursing, the associate’s degree, or the bachelor’s degree in nursing, all of these paths offer the best training to enter in the field of health care through nursing. After getting a degree, the next step is to obtain a license in nursing, by passing a national licensing examination. The nursing programs online-taught represent an excellent alternative to the highly consuming campus-based courses, where students have to change their life around in order to get a decent training. The online programs provide the chance to study, while still continuing with the everyday life. Typically, the educational programs last for three years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accelerated BSN programs are available, that can be completed in 12 or 18 months, ensuring the top training for competent nurses.