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If you’re interested in nursing research, health administration, or advanced clinical practice, a PhD nursing program may be the right choice for you. As a nurse with a doctoral degree, you can expect to have excellent opportunities for jobs and general career growth, as well as increasing job demand over the next decade or so. Although nursing doctoral programs can take between four to six years to complete, they are worth the trouble for most students. Additionally, you will find that you can make the process of receiving a nursing PhD more flexible, and even accelerate your learning, by pursuing an online nursing doctoral program.

Online nursing PhDs are becoming popular, as students struggle to balance work and home life, as well as the need for higher education in nursing. Although the experience of online nursing education is different, the quality of education available to online nursing students is the same or better than traditional nursing schools. Provided you are pursuing your degree with an accredited online nursing school, your credentials will be widely recognized and respected among employers, educational institutions, and other important entities.

As an online nursing PhD student, you’ll find that your educational experience will be quite flexible, allowing you to complete assignments, and possibly even classes on your own schedule, as long as you meet the deadlines provided by the course. This will allow you to schedule your class work around important responsibilities in your life, without having to give up the experience of a quality nursing education.

In an online nursing PhD program, you will learn about leadership skills, nursing science philosophy, the history of nursing, and research methods such as data analysis and statistics. These are general program requirements, however, you will need to choose your area of specialization. Some of the specialization areas available online include:

  • Doctor of Nursing: These programs focus on building your skills as an advanced practice nurse. With this degree, you will be able to effectively function as a leader, with knowledge for evidence-based decision making and the ability to work well in a multitude of educational, clinical, and organizational settings.
  • Doctor of Nursing Science: With this type of program, you will build your skills as a nurse scientist. This means learning how to research and investigate effectively, as well as clinical and leadership skills. This program generally requires a dissertation and clinical defense to graduate.
  • Doctor of Philosophy: The Doctor of Philosophy nursing program is designed for researchers and nurse scholars. With this degree, you will be prepared to be a part of scholarly inquiry, health care public policy, and health care delivery leadership. Some students in this program may wish to pursue a MSN/PhD dual degree, in which you can simultaneously complete master’s preparation and advanced research training.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice: With the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, you will see great emphasis on clinical practice leadership development. This degree will prepare you for leadership positions throughout healthcare, including system management, clinical care delivery, and research.
  • No matter what degree you choose, making the decision to pursue an online nursing PhD program is one of the best moves you can make for your career and future. Get started today by finding the program of your choice from an accredited online nursing school.