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Online Nursing Programs Loves Piwik

Ever since Online Nursing Programs began using Piwik for analytics, we have never looked back! Piwik is an open source analytics program that allows you to track visitors and collects data about your domain. We traditionally used Google Analytics for visitor metrics, but were introduced to Piwik and found the features to be superior to Google’s software. Don’t get us wrong, Google’s free program is great and flexible, but we needed something that allowed us more customization and developers who added features at a rapid pace to give us the best webmaster experience.


Our favorite features of Piwik include:

-Hosting data off your personal server. We installed Piwik on our own server and the data is actually stored there as well, meaning all the statistics can be accessed through APIs.

-The UI may be configured to your needs, like WordPress, you can drag widgets everywhere to get your personalized report.

-All the metric reports are done in real time. You can see what’s going on in the immediate moment, not 5 minutes or 24 hours after the visitor actually entered your site.

-Ease of use. The installation is quick and anyone who has the gist of computer operations can install it in a whim!

-Relationships: There is a great user base that works with the developers, so bugs and kinks are fixed in a timely manner, with improvements coming all the time.

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