Interactive and Virtual Dissections

Dissecting and learning all about the internal and external parts of many different animals and humans is a very interesting concept to endure. Some scientists and students dissect animals for reasons such as learning more about how different body parts function. This is valuable information that can go a long way in developing new treatment methods and gaining a better understanding of biology.

One reason scientist study frogs is because they are trying to learn how frogs are effected with earth's climate and atmosphere, and how their changes may in turn effect our environment. These types of studies are carried out for other types of species as well. When we study the human body, we learn more about internal and external parts to better develop and explore cures for a variety of diseases, and find solutions that may make other body parts function more effectively. Working in a lab and performing these types of procedures could get a little messy, and some people may not be comfortable working in such an environment.

There are websites and resources online that provide information and virtual interactive dissecting programs that will allow you to physically view an animal or human anatomy over the Internet. This also preserves the life of an animal because you wouldn't have to kill animals to perform dissecting experiments, though many labs will only use animals that have died of natural causes, people may gain peace of mind by using virtual dissection tools, instead of preforming the actual dissection. The links below will provide you with a list of virtual and interactive websites where you can get a better understanding of animal and human anatomy.

  • Interactive Frog Dissection Tutorial: An online tutorial to learn how to prepare and dissect a frog and interact with online tools to test your skills once completing the tutorial.

  • Virtual Dissection of Earthworms: View pictures and descriptions of the internal and external parts of an earthworm.

  • Dissection of a Starfish: Learn all about the internal and external features of a starfish, one of earth's unique underwater creatures.

  • Virtual Cat Dissection: Learn all about the body parts of a cat: external anatomy, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, urogenital, circulatory, and nervous system.

  • Human Anatomy Online: Interactive tutorial and reference to learn all about human anatomy.

  • Cow's Eye Dissection: Learn all about dissecting a cow's eye online and obtain a PDF file on instructions on how to perform a dissection of a cow's eye.

  • Pig Dissection Lab: Learn step by step about preparing and dissecting a pig.

  • Mouse Anatomy Online: 125 links to internal and external parts of a mouse.

  • External Human Brain Anatomy: Get an overall view and learning concept of the human brain and its parts.

  • Neuroanatomy Tutorial: Information pertaining to the brain and its parts: external, sagittal, coronal, and transverse sections.

  • Grasshopper Dissection: An overview terminology of a grasshopper's external and internal parts with pictures.

  • Human Hand Anatomy: A list of links to everything about the human hand and its internal and external parts. Obtain information on terminology, diagrams and pictures.

  • Cat Muscles: Get a closer look by clicking on the picture to look at each part of the muscles of a cat.

  • Sheep Brain Anatomy: A guide and tutorial of a sheep's brain with detailed information, terminology and pictures.

  • Owl Pellet Dissection: Information about owl pellets and actually do a dissecting experiment on different types of owl pellets.

  • Human Heart Dissecting: Learn all about the human heart and its internal parts and organisms.

  • Dog Anatomy Online: List of links pertaining to the anatomy of a dog for exterior and internal organs.