College Students and Stress

College is certainly a major milestone in a student’s life. It’s a journey that goes a long way in shaping a person’s outlook and personality for the rest of his or her existence. As the cost of living increases, college students are faced with many challenges, both financially and socially. To meet the high demands imposed by an ever progressing society, students have to deal with increasing pressure to perform well in college, which deepens the stress. 

Departing from the immediate domain of their parents, college represents the first real opportunity for most students to be independent. Initially, they may be euphoric with their new found freedom but in time, home sickness may set in, causing a feeling of loss. Along the way, some students may choose the solitary road to seek real independence while some students would go the other way, becoming totally dependent on their “cool” friends. It’s here that many students get so lost that they never even go on to complete their college education. Certainly, the temptations are plenty.

For college students who love to party, there are endless parties to attend. When they go to parties, they drink, get drunk, and many times, they end up doing things they regret later. Young adults are known to be rash, acting with the heart rather than the head, only to suffer the consequences later. Sometimes, a harmless one-night stand can lead to pregnancy, which can cause a lot of stress for a college student. Then, there’s also the danger of getting into a serious accident whether they are driving under the influence, or recklessly. Many college students develop romantic relationships which may present other problems. Indeed, college life can get pretty stressful.

Behind all these diversions, there’s still that ultimate stress inducing major goal of earning a degree. The educational demands on the modern college student have never been higher so it’s extremely important that they don’t succumb to the pressures and spurn all other aspects of college life because it can be additionally stressful. To survive college, you need to have a balanced life, integrating your school life and social life seamlessly. It’s important to keep stressors at bay because stress can have severe effects on your mental and physical health. College students need to learn how to deal with these stressors because their educational and social progress can be greatly hampered if the stress level is left unchecked.

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Additional Info