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What You Need to Know About Getting a BSN if You Already Have Your RN

In order to pass to a BSN degree some online BSN programs must be attended. And the ones having a RN, the BSN degree offers high-possibilities to increase the career positions. A bachelor degree is necessary in order to grow in a higher-level nursing position. If wanted to pass from a RN to BSN degrees, the jobs are related to advanced practice nursing role, education roles such as teaching in colleges, universities or even in hospital settings, administrative roles in managing a department of a specialty area, a consulting career or a research position. Classes for BSN programs can be attended online in order to continue working as a RN. Flexibility is a major factor in taking online programs.

A BSN Degree Can Offer More Opportunities

If already owned a RN degree and want to continue studying in order to have higher possibilities to occupy an advanced career in nursing, then getting a BSN degree is the solution. And the choice to follow it online is the same as to a traditional campus based program, the difference being that scheduling a personalized program is possible. There are many ways in obtaining nursing degrees online as in the first place the school must be chosen and then the type of courses and the specialization. In order to continue working as a RN and still study, online RN to BSN programs is offered by many colleges and universities. Degrees program varies depending on the school chosen and after obtaining the BSN degree the positions available are in administration and hospitals or nursing homes. Usually the diploma needed to earn a BSN degree is the AS in nursing. The salaries are also very attractive and they round about $70,000 annual, depending on the position. The time to complete the RN to BSN degree online depends on the work experience credits and on the number of courses. Usually the average time of completion is in one or two years.

RN to BSN Programs

More nurses having RN want to follow and continue education and decide to obtain a BSN degree. In some cases for example, the nursing degree school online called American Sentinel award 30 semester hours based on the RN license letting only 30 more credits needed to complete the RN to BSN program. The program’s objective is to provide and manage competent care for families or groups of people, assume a leadership position in teams, use research skills to enhance professional practice, be able to combine research and scholarship to be able to make a diagnose, accept responsibility for the own professional actions, make team with other groups in helping out individuals and community health. After completing the RN to BSN program, the specialized jobs refer to administration, clinical nurse, practitioner, and anesthetist and so on.

How to Decide on a RN School Online

Deciding upon having a nursing degree online is synonym to finding a school. And there are many options to choose from when deciding upon an online RN school. They have to be accredited. These types of schools allow you to prepare for RN licensure. The semester schedule of some online RN schools may be the same as the on-campus one. The advantages of these schools are: possibility of getting a degree by studying at home and it saves time from traveling to classes.